Mounir Shita AGI Blog

Welcome to my thoughts, views and opinions about Artificial General Intelligence and the economics behind it. While I am the founder & CEO of, this blog does not represent the official views of the company.

My Story

From growing up in Oslo, Norway to my artificial intelligence research in Portland, OR, my life has been quite the ride so far. Since my childhood I’ve been intrigued by future visions and the technologies empowering them. People who know me are not too surprised I ended up tinkering with the future.

My theory of intelligence is a result of childhood dreams, several startups and becoming a father myself. Read more about my story here.

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My Vision

I am a vision driven person. My only interest in technology is in its transformative capabilities on a global scale. I want to see our world move to a future where we are surrounded by intelligence devices that are constantly working to help us in everyday life.

Imagine a world where machines invent a cure for cancer, erradicate global poverty, assist us in getting into deep space and makes sure your next dinner party is a gigantic success. 

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